Wedding Policy 

Effective 5/1/2013, Alameda Christian Church will offer the use of the building for weddings subject to the following guidelines and stated fees as described below:


Fees for use of Sanctuary 

  • Bride or Groom Member - No charge

  • Non-Member Bride and Groom - $800.00

  • Security Deposit - $250.00

Alameda Christian Church recognizes the need of the immediate family to have access to the building and sanctuary prior to the wedding in order to decorate the facility and conduct the rehearsal.  Accordingly, the fees above include the use of the sanctuary on the wedding day and day before the wedding.

Fees for use of Fellowship Hall

  • Bride or Groom Member - No charge

  • Non-Member Bride or Groom  - $300.00 (up to 4 hour maximum usage)

  • Security Deposit - $250.00

Fees for the fellowship hall are charged per day.   The term fellowship hall includes the seating area and the kitchen and equipment (i.e., stove, sink, refrigerators) contained therein.

Fees include use of church and janitorial services.  All fees must be paid to the church finance office 4 weeks prior to your wedding. Please make separate checks for your fees and deposit.  Cancellations with less than 60 days notice may result in partial forfeiture of rental fees previously paid.


After the wedding, this deposit will be returned within 30 days if no charges are assessed.  In the event damages to any portion of the facility and/or its equipment and furniture are found, then that portion of the security deposit which is determined to be equal to the approximate value of the damages will be deducted and applied toward the necessary repairs.  The remainder, if any, will then be refunded to the Bride and Groom.  In cases where the estimated damages exceed the deposit, the Bride and Groom will be held personally liable and are therefore responsible for paying the excess.


Your wedding ceremony and accompanying music is expected to be Christ-centered, God honoring, spiritually edifying, and in good taste. The couple should ask themselves how their ceremony and music will bring honor to the Lord.

The couple requesting use of the building is responsible for arranging music and providing all decorations, flower containers, candelabras, candles, table linens, dishes, etc. All equipment, including rental equipment, must be removed by the couple from the church premises immediately following the reception.  Any temporary fixtures or wall decorations placed in the fellowship hall or sanctuary must be pre-approved by the Pastor and/or Elders prior to the attachment.

Fresh flower petals  may be dropped in aisle only with the use of a runner in order to protect the carpet.

Drip-less candles must be used. Non-flammable, protective material must be placed under candles on the platform to protect carpeting.

Due to the harmful effects on local wildlife, the throwing of rice is prohibited on church grounds.  Birdseed is permitted outside the building only.  

NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES OR ILLEGAL DRUGS are allowed on or to be consumed on church property. Please make sure that the members of your wedding party are aware of this policy. The Pastor and/or Elders reserve the right to request anyone in the wedding party who is intoxicated or under the influence of drugs to leave the church premises.  

NO SMOKING in the building or anywhere in front of the building.  Smoking will be allowed outside in the back parking lot only.  Please make sure the members of your wedding party are aware of this policy also.

NO FIREARMS allowed on church premises.

The wedding party assumes responsibility for any damage, loss, or breakage to church property.


Rehearsals can be held for up to 2 consecutive hours and should conclude no later than 10pm.   Any additional time in the church will be assessed a penalty of $50 for each hour or fraction thereof. Any penalty fee will be due at the time of the rehearsal. Remember, having your wedding party here on time is IMPERATIVE. Plan your dinner arrangements accordingly. The wedding party will be expected to leave as soon as the rehearsal is completed so that the facilities may be locked.  Start times are based on the negotiated times which are agreed upon by the Bride and Groom at the time the facility is reserved.


The church will be unlocked up to 2 hours before your wedding.  If needed, the church building can be opened earlier, but additional fees will apply.   This time frame is your responsibility. Your wedding party should be ON TIME. 

Food and drinks may be brought for the wedding party. Please make arrangements to have it removed after the ceremony. Any food or drinks brought for the wedding party must be consumed in the kitchen. 

Receptions can be no longer than 4 hours in duration commencing  when the Bride and Groom exit the sanctuary and must conclude by 9pm.  Any additional time in the church will be assessed a penalty of $50 for each hour or fraction thereof. Any penalty fee will be due at the time of the reception.

For evening weddings, this wedding curfew can be adjusted after discussing the needs of the Bride and Groom with the Pastor.