The History of the Alameda Christian Church, 1940-today.

Life is made from volume three, the past, the present, and the yet to be; the past we’ve read and laid away; the present we’re reading day by day; the last and the best is yet to be; it’s laid away in Heaven, and God has the Key.

On April 3, 1940, a small number of former members of Gay Street Christian Church met with the late Elder Rufus Charles Maloy (1894-1977) in the home of Mr. and Mrs.  J. W. Simmons located at 2503 Alameda Street for the purpose of organizing a new church congregation.  After prayer and consultation, “ALAMEDA STREET CHRISTIAN CHURCH” was organized.  Even though many names were recommended, Alameda Street Christian Church was the name selected, primary due to its location.   

Elder Maloy was called to lead the new congregation on the third Sunday in April.  In spite of being blind, he had graduated from the Tennessee School for the Blind, attended Knoxville College, and had been ordained by Elder Preston Taylor in 1917.  He had ministered to other churches and had pastored Gay Street Christian Church from 1923 to 1939.  His first sermon preached as Alameda’s pastor was “Division Is Condemned:  Unity”, scriptures Proverb 6:19 and I Corinthians 3:1-4.  According to church records, the new congregation started with thirty-three charter members.

For the first few years of the congregation’s existence, members continued to worship in the Simmons’ home until God blessed the congregation to purchase property at 2422 Alameda Street.  A stone constructed facility was erected on the Alameda Street site in 1950 at the cost of $12,000.00.

During the past 79 years, Alameda has been blessed with various successes including a “Bus Ministry” in the 1970’s, a tutorial program for school children in the community which continued through 1993, and a scholarship fund to support continuing education with its first recipient being awarded in 2001.

To date under Pastor Wiggins’ leadership, a Church Mission Statement was adopted, Alameda website www.alamedacc.org was started, Young Adult/Youth Ministry re-birthed, and Youth church started. The Mobile Food Pantry, the Community Food Garden, and praise/worship in the park speak to the hunger needs of the community and seek to literally answer Jesus’ command, “Feed my sheep.”  

Many unnamed brothers and sisters contributed to 79 years of ministry at Alameda Christian Church.  Memories still glow in expressing the appreciation for their service to the Lord, including our long-standing auxiliaries and organizations.  After 79 Glorious Years of Service, Alameda Christian Church is Still Shining in Christ.